Who is komura 420?

komura 420 was born against medical advice in Mississippi.

Life removed him from there as a child, before he became infected. He’s kept moving ever since. He saw faraway places as a child and many more as an adult. The great adventure has taken him to almost every continent. He has kissed another komrade at the Eiffel Tower at 10PM when the blinking lights come on. He stood at the Great Pyramids of Egypt. He listened to Marilyn Manson while visiting the Vatican because he didn’t have enough gasoline to burn the fucking place to the ground.

Fuck this 3rd person shit.

I was extruded from the universities of the evil empire with a master’s degree, yet remained a slave. Paid attention in economics, math and literature classes, but was disruptive in history class and sucked in biology. If you have read any of my writing you know one thing about me already. I don’t like authority or rules.

People like me aren’t bad. Nor are we the evil ones that others claim us to be because we question their power. We are just humans in our natural state of freedom. Beat us, cage us or kill us is all they can do to us because our compliance is never going to happen.

– London 2014 (former evil empire)