The Last Believer – Progress Report (at last)

Well its near to completion. In fact, time to start getting a cover ready for it.

Still need to do some work to make the timeline clearer. I hate reading half a chapter, completely lost before I realize it’s a flashback. Maybe I’m just slow. But I won’t do that to the reader.

The ending is being drafted. While there will be further books in the series, I want the reader to have a sense of completion at the end. I aim for Best Telling rather than Best Selling.

Apologies for the delay.

The story premise has never changed. How it is told changed a good bit. I want something that shows the chaos of the circumstances. That was a challenge for a planner like me. Ultimately I now have a large bonus section or a big start on the sequel.

Welcome to the weekend.

Definitely the best

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