Meanwhile over on Wattpad

Hey y’all.

Got three stories going over on Wartpad. Cranking it out.

Am serially posting MILF MONEY. So this is yor chance to read it fer free.

Here’s the klink:

milf money alt2

Am also writing an interesting one about what might happen any day now: ZLM 151051

This is a present day national dystopia. It’s not hard to imagine how it could become like this.

Here’s the blink:



Finally am writing an old idea that I’ve liked for a long time (2 years) but previous attempts didn’t work out. It’s a story about the information age: The Directorate

Here’s the zinc:

THe Directorate

Hope you enjoy them.

If you do, please give them a vote and leave a comment. Its all about reaching critical mass on social media these days.

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