More black victims of police custody

Let’s face it. There has been a war on black people ever since Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. Economic slavery replaced ownership slavery. And the war on drugs? It’s just another means of oppression dressed up in the language of white fear.


This time it’s Texas. But the modis operandi is the same nationwide. The result is the same, another dead black person at the hands of police.


Maybe it’s time to create all black police forces. That’s right, no white cops, at all, nationwide.


This nation was founded by a bunch of rich white men. Slaveholders to be more precise, ones that raped their slave women (because consent don’t mean nothin when you own someone…so why ask if she’s willing). These men wrote the rule book and designed it for them to stay on top. Thus far they have been successful.


So we have multiple layers of oppression. Crap schools mean crap prospects. Law enforcement trained to escalate. Prosecutors, cops and judges involved in an incestuous circle jerk that benefits them and destroys the unfortunates that cross their paths. Economic predators around every corner.


Justice? That ain’t no justice in this system. It’s an illusion for every person of color in this country.



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